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more hot questions question feed lang-php about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation I offer to businesses a free solution to easily generate PDFs in Web applications, which saves them hundreds of dollars in development costs ... Read carefully the examples. Just get the result of our URL with the Python function urllib2.urlopen.This code converts http://www.example.com to PDF.import urllib2 data = { 'apikey': 'abcde12345', 'url': 'http://www.example.com' } requesturl = 'http://api.htm2pdf.co.uk/urltopdf?apikey={apikey}&url={url}'.format(**data) result =

Note that if you want to use a header or footer, you must also use a margin parameter like MarginTop or MarginBottom to ensure there is space for the header or Convert HTML to PDF with our APIYou can use our API to convert webpages or raw HTML to PDF automatically in any programming language. void insertFromHtmlString(java.lang.Stringhtml, HTML2PDF.WebPageSettingssettings) Convert HTML encoded in string. void insertTOC(HTML2PDF.TOCSettingssettings) Add a table of contents to the produced PDF.

Api News Api Directory API Research WEATHER MAPPING Add Api API SDK Sample Source Code Library Framework App or Mashup ADD APIs & MORE API SDK Sample Source Code Library Framework convert public staticbooleanconvert(Docdoc, java.lang.Stringurl, HTML2PDF.WebPageSettingssettings) throws PDFNetException Convert the HTML document at url and append the results to doc. OutputFormat Must be either "pdf", "jpg", "png", "bmp" or "svg" if not supplied the default is PDF FileName Optionally the name you want the file to be called when downloading or Just enter the URL and Convert!

Constructor Summary Constructors Constructor and Description HTML2PDF() Default constructor. Convert!PDF creation for websites and applications since 2008Web to PDF API with many features and examples. Returns:true if successful, otherwise false. I will purchase a plan - Tommy, August 2016 Works perfectly for me - Nicholas, August 2016 I'm really loving your API, it very simple & fast is compare to others!

Hopefully the repair and updates will do the job. Throws: PDFNetException setImageQuality publicvoidsetImageQuality(intquality) throws PDFNetException JPEG compression factor to use when generating PDF. void setPaperSize(intsize_type) Set paper size of output PDF void setPaperSize(java.lang.Stringwidth, java.lang.Stringheight) Manually set the paper dimensions of the produced PDF. Add Your Api ADD APIs & MORE API SDK Sample Source Code Library Framework App or Mashup Rss Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn search Become member Login Become member Login ProgrammableWeb Learn

This can be explicity called to control the deallocation of native memory and avoid situations where the garbage collector does not free the object in a timely manner. Overview Package Class Tree Deprecated Index Help Prev Class Next Class Frames No Frames All Classes Summary: Nested| Field| Constr| Method Detail: Field| Constr| Method pdftron.PDF Class HTML2PDF java.lang.Object pdftron.PDF.HTML2PDF public HTML is processed and sent back to you, and to be perfectly honest, storing all that html, css, images etc or worse, the resulting PDFs would quickly result in terrabytes of Latest donations 2016-02-27 - Dymension2016-02-23 - Salvatore S.2016-01-30 - Luciano M.2016-01-29 - Laurent S.2015-09-22 - Kai S.

Users can send HTTP requests to receive JSON responses, authenticating with Key. http://xn----7sbbaaz7cecffjhchgr.xn--p1ai/html2pdf-api-failed.php Users can convert HTML pages to PDF using the following operations: - Simple one line static method to convert a single web page to PDF. - Convert HTML pages from URL Throws: PDFNetException setPaperSize publicvoidsetPaperSize(java.lang.Stringwidth, java.lang.Stringheight) throws PDFNetException Manually set the paper dimensions of the produced PDF. We've grown too big to be a completely free service - read the backstory.

The http://html2pdfrocket.com/html/topdf shortcut example only works with the default parameters. Throws: PDFNetException Method Detail convert public staticbooleanconvert(Docdoc, java.lang.Stringurl) throws PDFNetException Convert the HTML document at url and append the results to doc. setOutline publicvoidsetOutline(booleanenable, intdepth) throws PDFNetException Add bookmarks to the PDF? Parameters:enable - - If true generated PDF pages will be orientated to landscape, otherwise orientation will be portrait.

Throws: PDFNetException destroy publicvoiddestroy() Frees the native memory of the object. void setQuiet(booleanquiet) Display HTML to PDF conversion progress, warnings, and errors, to stdout? Thank you very much for putting it together! - John, August 2016 Love your product! - Nick, August 2016 I think it is a wonderful service. HTML Download PDF Download Current Page as PDF If you wish to use extra parameters when doing API conversions, you must use follow the api.html2pdfrocket.com example.

PageWidth Page width - if you use this, you must also use PageHeight PageHeight Page Height - if you use this, you must also use PageHeight ViewPort e.g. 800x600 - Set How to create a chart from the big table in latex? Parameters:dpi - - Dots per inch, e.g. 80.

Throws: PDFNetException"Note:" Results also depend on @ref SetSmartShrinking.

Legend Correct Answers - 10 points © 2016 Adobe Systems Incorporated. You use HTML2PDF with: PHP 4 PHP 5 You use HTML2PDF for: personal use work > results < | ©2008-2011 Laurent MINGUET | powered by MSF 2 Searches Connection Pictures Cloud of tags Copyright (с) 2012 KGIS company (с) All rights images reserved | Validar XHTML and CSS Skip to content WEB DEVELOPER H.K SOFAT Menu Home Gsoc Parameters:quiet - - If false, progress information is sent to stdout during conversion.

void setDPI(intdpi) Change the DPI explicitly for the output PDF. Best way to remove rusted steel bolts from aluminum parts How necessary it is to have PhD students? Thanks for launching an efficient and user friendly product - Namitha, May 2016 Thank you vary much! - Ashdora, May 2016 Love it! Select repair, if prompted, in the event the patch is already installed, or just cancel and continue working your way from lowest to highest revision, until your version is current.http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?platform=Windows&product=1For 6.0.0

Parameters:enable - - If true bookmarks will be generated for the produced PDF.depth - - Maximum depth of the outline (e.g. 4). This includes... void dumpOutline(java.lang.Stringxml_file) Save outline to a xml file? Java We've just added a Java example!

Great service! - Huzza, September 2016 Our initial tests and basic integration were successful. Useful for ajax calls. As in case if you are php developer and want to know how to convert html to jpeg image in simple way then this article is for you. The error was caught by the library that generates the PDF, not by PHP itself. –cimmanon Jan 16 '13 at 13:33 so can u figure it out and modify

Parameters:doc - - Target PDF to which converted HTML pages will be appended to.url - - HTML page, or relative path to local HTML page, that will be converted to PDF Browse other questions tagged php html html2pdf or ask your own question. void setMargins(java.lang.Stringtop, java.lang.Stringbottom, java.lang.Stringleft, java.lang.Stringright) Set margins of generated PDF. Please check it out here RUBY require 'net/http' apikey = 'ABCD-1234' value = 'http://www.google.com' # a url starting with http or an HTML string uri = URI("http://api.html2pdfrocket.com/pdf?apikey=#{apikey}&value=#{value}") Net::HTTP.start(uri.host, uri.port) do |http|

Terms of service Privacy Policy Imprint Press Kit OK This site uses cookies for better user experience. If I do use the URL option, what security options like SSL are there? Returns:String containing results of conversion. You guys have done a great job with it. - Troy, August 2016 It works great for me, thank you! - Eric, August 2016 Thanks for your help - and sorry

No - you can send the html (instead of a url) - there is no need to put the page you want to convert publically on the web. See more frequently asked questions Example Webpages Converted Adidas Amazon Washington Post Fitness Mentor Get Started Get Free API Key Please help us by spreading the word About Us Privacy Policy Throws: PDFNetException"Note:" This function will only return a useful result after @ref Convert has been called. The account can be on Office 365 or Microsoft and includes; Hotmail.com, Live.com, MSN.com,...

Throws: PDFNetException setModulePath public staticvoidsetModulePath(java.lang.Stringpath) throws PDFNetException Set the first location that PDFNet will look for the html2pdf module. No Scope Single purpose API Device Specific No Docs Home Page URL http://www.html2pdf.biz/api.php Architectural Style REST Supported Request Formats URI Query String/CRUD, PDF, PNG Supported Response Formats JSON Is This an