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Keiran230 In new version even if you remove the registry key, it puts it right back. Difficult to get rid of, but if not a resource hog, not bothersome See also: Link Paul M it could be spyware. Since I do not use any Office programs on this computer (use it to build web sites) I doubt I will miss it. MS Office has never touched my WinXP Pro computer and I still have CTFMON.EXE and it runs automatically. http://domcached.com/general/hphupd05.html

I slapped that bitch with a delete and haven't had a lick of trouble since. I never had a problem with it. It is in windows/system32. Matzix i can't disable it from msconfig, cause my RAM full Hery Iswanto Be careful the legimate file is in system 32, all other versions could be viruses It also wrote here

All comments about ctfmon.exe: Ctfmon.exe activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor. On the Startup tab, clear the hpcmpmgr.exe checkbox. Per It's the tray icon of Apple's Quick Time. It is easy enough to kill it just by using "End Process", but the question remains how did it show up in the first place and why does it behave the

  • Mike Takes 99 of 100 cpu, which makes the computer unusable (HP computer), delete the 'process' with msconfig and then tick off the process "kbd.exe", reboot computer.
  • Look for sp26752 on the HP download site See also: Link Sailbad can cause fatal loops that make your computer incredibly slow; other processes reacting to it go on overload also.
  • It's part of Office XP and not at all dangerous.
  • M5 Ever since my computer shut down due to blackouts, a Microsoft error dialog box keeps appearing, every time i start the computer, how do i remove this "error" message? :)
  • Titi Quicktime icon sits in your system tray.
  • had to get son to remove it.

Scott P I know that this is part of MS office.....but there is also something else that starts ctfmon.exe to run in the background and start with windows.....see I type in Annoyed with Quicktime and Apple! voodoodoctor This file is needed for Voice Recognition. Yet, on Windows PCs hardly anyone starts QuickTime manually, whether from the System Tray or otherwise - what usually happens is that the end-user opens a QuickTime movie file or email

Brianm It plays porno on the screen. J Renault The worst thing is that QT will put qttask in the startup even when you're just viewing a web page with a linked QT file. Google Search for spyware MalwareBytes (spyware removal) Other Processes ccevtmgr.exe ctagent.dll gearsec.exe ieuser.exe iexplore.exe mcshield.exe msascui.exe mspmspsv.exe navshext.dll nprotect.exe qttask.exe sidebar.exe wmpnetwk.exe wmpnscfg.exe [qttask.exe in German] [all processes] Copyright © Neuber check this link right here now I use dial-up and my connection was average 5kb/s, now its 6 SpyDoctor I had spy ware and the I tried stopping processes while online...when i stopped this process the connection

Remove it!. Trying to replace with a dummy, but comes back as "Cannot create the (drive)qttask.exe file", even after asking for confirmation to replace it. It would not let me remove. When on my performance on Task Manager and CPU usage goes to 100% and slowdown my PC to a stall.

Enter msconfig. These will remove the spyware version if it's not actve in startup. I don't have use for that on my PC so there's no need to have it, plus it does'nt cause system to become unstable, if you don't use OfficeXP than it's It's a windows system process.

InstallShield Wizard will be displayed to guide you through the installation. It is highly recommended that you run a FREE performance scan to automatically optimize memory, CPU and Internet settings. Chevk Turn Off Advanced Text Services. For me, if I find it too recent and differs very much with the rest of windows system files, I can always safely delete it =) sherry zak It seems to

used for HP MM keyboard extensions Dave HP Keyboard Gaud needed when you use the multimedia keys on Logitech's Multimedia keyboards tosh I don't know evrything about it, just I can Quicktime task program - just delete the exe file if you're annoyed by it. While the absence of signature etc. Ach y fi Not dangerous but annoying.

Also run Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0.2 and seems to be much faster. Perhaps it was infected with some spyware and when I deleted I hope a new copy is already fine. Finally, Disable or Delete this entry on the Startups tab.

Especially with Windows 7.

All the information pertaining to the originator of the file is there including what it's for. Cashub Does seem to be HP's system recovery partition protection task. Then you can delete the referenced file in your registry. I use Asian language pack so as I guess whenever the pack starts it will either create or run this program.

Now RESTART and pay close attention to the Quick Time Icon close to your clock in the lower right corner. if u right click it then hit properties then the information on it pops up. This Is Because CTFMon Is Being Re-Enabled By Another Application. I went to the control panel and removed the language bar from the 'regional and language options' and everything runs smoother and faster with no problems.

Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL identifies programs that are currently running - not necessarily at startup. Once it is running, it messes with my IE 6 connection settings, changing my username and dialing number to long strings of digits. You need to extract the MSI prior to installing. Check it out!

Linjalen Causes some CDs not to be read along with other programs in msconfig startup. See also: Link Erica I use the HP keyboard on a linux and a XP machine I built myself. It always shows up as a "Keep - Do Not Keep" when WebRoot SpySweeper loads with Windows XP and or manual initiation of SpySweeper. it does not install 1000 spywares, should be located in C:/hp/KBD/KBD.exe on HP machines.

The .exe extension on a filename indicates an executable file. ligit or otherwise. when i deleted the file my autorun for cd drive was disabled. Since I never use it it dropped to around 300 kB in the list of processes.

This means running a scan for malware, cleaning your hard drive using cleanmgr and sfc /scannow, uninstalling programs that you no longer need, checking for Autostart programs (using msconfig) and enabling also if delated from the xp service pack one files, you are warned that windows could become unsable. blame OFFICE Edwing Blackzenith See the removal procedure in CraigC's link: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=282599 If you have installed a keyboard layout other than 101 (default English US), and even if you are not It is like too user working at the same computer at same time.

This is NOT a list of tasks/processes taken from Task Manager or the Close Program window (CTRL+ALT+DEL) but a list of startup applications, although you will find some of them listed