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Iai Robo Cylinder Error Codes


A: When the Rod Type torques out, the position complete output AND the complete position outputs turn on. E80Non Support Card ErrorThe card not supported is installed in the I/O slot. Please confirm the restraint, wiring, and the starting point sensor etc. C4SCARA Postion Error C9Open Error CAColumn ErrorColumn number was set outside the range of 1~999. http://domcached.com/error-codes/ibm-pc-error-codes.html

is invalid C36I/O port Flag No. Please confirm wiring and the sensor C9ACreep Sensor Non-Detection ErrorThe creep sensor cannot be detected. E41Insufficient Servo Motion Data Packet ErrorIt is servo motion data packet shortage. Please confirm wiring and the encoder C9CPositional Z-phase Defective ErrorZ-phase position is defective. http://www.intelligentactuator.com/e-con-error-codes-descriptions/

Iai Controller Error Codes

On the software and teach pendant, we get a '20D error'. The Slider type is capable of speeds up to 1000mm per second, and the Rod type up to 800mm per second. changes is OK(No Error) 181Controller initialization is OK(No Error). 182Home change all clear(No Error). 201Emergency Stop(No Error). 301Over Run Error (M)Please check the number of linked controllers and their sequence. 302Framing

A3Deviation ErrorMotor is unable to perform properly due to mechanical overload. ACTION: [1] Set a target position first. is invalid. - Only X-SEL : C35Point No. Iai Error Codes Google Play EFIH SCARA Parameter ErrorThe wrong set of parameters were reset or cleared.

SIO main station ? Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual ACTION: [1] Check the wiring condition of the motor relay cable. Over regenerative current (Over negative load). 3. Login Area & Phone Support Western US: 800-736-1712 Central US: 800-944-0333 Eastern US: 888-354-9470 CONTACT OUR EXPERTS Your Name *(required) Your Email * Your Phone# * What is the best way

Also, check for exiting with a GOTO command before the end of the subroutine C12DO, IF, and IS Nest Steps Number Error UnderThe position of EDIF or EDDO is invalid. Iai Xsel Programming E59Brake ON/OFF Time-out ErrorBrake ON/OFF confirmation cannot be taken. Also check that Encoder Parameter #14 is the same value as Driver Parameter #29; otherwise contact IAI for further information. ACTION: Check if loads interfere with peripheral objects, the brake is released, and other load conditions.

Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual

Please do not confirm whether diverge the correspondence of the IF?IS instruction, the correspondence of EDIF, the DO instruction, and EDDO and in syntaxes (outside the syntax in the GOTO instruction) this content A4Software Limit ErrorExceeded software limit. Iai Controller Error Codes C2Axis Double Execution ErrorMove command given to axis currently moving. Iai Pcon Controller Manual Check to see if the actuator mounting bolts are contacting inside the axes, or if the slider attachment is contacting any surrounding mechanical parts.

E5DServo Packet ErrorThe servo packet is invalid. have a peek at these guys Three motor installation methods are available, so you can select an optimal method based on ease of maintenance, installation space, etc. E17I/O Processing Program Start Logic ErrorThe I/O processing program start logic is invalid. Get Our Monthly NewsletterSubscribe to IAI Actuator News to receive monthly updates and tips. Iai Xsel Controller Manual

  • Upload correct core and application firmware.
  • Learn more about RCS2 Series Actuators.
  • Learn more about the RCA Series Electric Actuator.

    Excellent for high-speed operations with low noise.
  • A: No.
  • ErrorOther parameter No.1 "Auto Start Program No." is invalid C96Program Start During "Termination of Movement and Program" Error.The start of the program from "I/O processing program at the Termination of Movement
  • Please confirm the file.
  • Please secure an empty step necessary for preservation 901Step No.
  • Check for mechanical binding. 0CAExcess HeatAmbient temperature may be too high.
  • To temporarily ignore this Error as well as the above FieldBus Errors, change I/O Parameter "Extended I/O Error Monitor" to 0 for the corresponding slot. (nos. 11-13).
  • In this case, the motor/encoder cables may have output errors: check the connection of the cables. 0B7Magnetic Pole Non-ConfirmationWhen the servo is turned on for the first time after the power

The code of the enhancing condition is invalid C18Enhancing Condition LD Simultaneous Processing Numerical Excessive ErrorThe number of simultaneous processing of LD exceeds the limit value C19Enhancing Condition LD Shortage Detection The Robo Cylinder is unique in that the e-stop terminal does not shut down the encoder or main CPU. ErrorInvalid parameter No A34Card Parameter Buffer Read ErrorThe card parameter buffer is read and it is invalid A35Card Parameter Buffer Write ErrorThe card parameter buffer is written and it is invalid check over here Please check the following: • Exceeding of the valid stroke range by external force in the servo OFF status. (regular detection) • Exceeding of the valid stroke range by a forward

PRODUCTS CATALOGS DOWNLOADS VIDEOS CASE STUDIES SUPPORT IAI AMERICA Facebook Twitter Google IAI America, Inc. Iai Xsel Software Download E29EEPROM Error (EWEN/EWDS impropriety)It is invalid. (At the write.) E2ADifferent Read and Compare During EEPROM Write ErrorIt is invalid. (At the write.) E2BResponse Failure During EEPROM Information AcquisitionSlave, EEPROM, information, acquisition, Either the noise or the reception IC board may have broken down. 0E5Encoder Reception ErrorAbsolute reset is yet to be performed.

A: [3] Check for abnormality in the assembly condition of mechanical parts.

Contact IAI Tech Support. Please confirm the noise, the circuit trouble, and the slave card. ErrorDevice No. Pcon Error Codes Please exchange the battery (voltage level at which data cannot be backed up).

E67Motor Power Over Voltage ErrorThe motor power supply overvoltage Error was detected. E33Slave Response Logic ErrorThe slave response logic is invalid. Please confirm the battery C53Flash ROM SEL Global Data Error List Invalid ErrorSEL global data Error list in flash ROM is invalid C54Flash ROM SEL Global Data Error List Overlap ErrorSEL this content B8Step 1 BGSR ErrorStep 1 is a BGSR Error.

E03SCI Transmission Buffer Overflow ErrorThe SCI transmission buffer overflowed. A: [3] Check for abnormality in the assembly condition of mechanical parts. Please confirm wiring and the sensor C9BZ-phase Detection ErrorZ-phase cannot be detected.