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is invalid C36I/O port Flag No. Please input within the allowable data range. 115Homing IncompleteProhibited operation is being executed during homing status. more information; IAI America, Inc. E40Rotating Axis Parameter ErrorCheck Specific Axis Parameters No.67, 66, 38, 37, and 1 to ensure proper setting. weblink

If the actuator is suspected to be the cause, please contact IAI. Please input within the allowable data range. 20AServo OFF during movementServo was turned OFF during movement. 20CServo was turned OFF during movement.Start was turned ON during movement. (Hold) 20DDuring movement, STP-OFFSupply Sign up! Verify the card is mounted properly in the controller. http://www.intelligentactuator.com/x-sel-error-codes-descriptions/

Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual

At that time, the magnetic pole phase is not detected after the specifi ed time period. E16Program End Confirmation Time-out ErrorThe program cannot be ended. is invalid. E4Low Battery in an IH SCARAPlease replace the battery while keeping the controller powered up.

If the voltage is normal, please contact IAI. 0D4Drive Source ErrorCommonly associated with the ERC3 product. E3DSEL Program Point Parameter Flash ROM Status ErrorData is not normally written in flash ROM or it is data written in an old version without interchangeability. E80Non Support Card ErrorThe card not supported is installed in the I/O slot. Iai Xsel Programming Please confirm the IF?IS instruction, the correspondence of EDIF, the correspondence of the DO instruc C0DDW, IF, IS, and SL Pair End Shortage ErrorNeither EDIF, EDDO nor EDSL are found.

F61Interpreter Task End Task ID ErrorInterpreter task end task ID Error was detected. The axis which composes palletize XY plane cannot be specified CAFExcessive Point Data Valid Axis No. See: Description Class Summary CompilerError An MDLe Compiler Error! http://www.intelligentactuator.com/supersel-legacy-error-codes-descriptions/ Enum Summary CompilerErrorCode This enumerated type defines the set of possible compiler level errors that can occur.

To disable the function, set parameter No. 74 to “1 [Disable].” The factory setting is “0 [Enable].” * If a fieldbus module (such as a CC-Link or DeviceNet module) is installed, Iai Xsel Software Download E47No Normal Response during ABS Data AcquisitionThere is no normal response at the ABS data acquisition. log ram file, and update it again. specified from PIO is invalid.

  • according to the axis.
  • SIO main station ?
  • A: [3] Check for abnormality in the assembly condition of mechanical parts.
  • Can override by changing I/O parameter 10 from 1 to 2 (ignores I/O power errors - ok for short term) or to 0 (turns card off.) E6AReset Requiring Recovery Type Safety
  • The limit is 15 nested statements.
  • Motor Over Current. 2.
  • More excessive data than the outside is received 900Empty Step Shortage ErrorAn empty step to preserve the step data is insufficient.
  • Check Specific Axis Parameter #37 0: Rotary 1: Linear.

Iai Pcon Controller Manual

Therefore, it does not stop at soft limit and exceeds the valid stroke range. • By soft limit setting fault, soft limit is set higher than the valid stroke limit. Check Specific Axis Parameter #43 to ensure correct setting. Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual E72Functional Information Does Not Support Motor Composing InformationThe motor outside the support range is mounted for the driver unit. Iai Xsel Controller Manual ACTION : Set the time again. [Refer to the Instruction Manual of RC PC software.] 05DStart Text ErrorAbnormal Communication, Check for noise.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. http://domcached.com/error-codes/ibm-pc-error-codes.html Possible causes: Damage the Driver CPU Board, Electrical noise, Bug of the firmware. Supply voltage below threshold. 0CDEmergency Stop Relay ErrorNeed to change for mechanical binding. 0CEDrop in control supply voltageThis alarm indicates that the voltage of the 24-V input power supply has dropped Specification ErrorFlash ROM erase Error A0ESector Number Specification ErrorFlash ROM erase Error A0FOffset Address Error at Writing Destination (odd number address)The write is invalid of flash ROM. Iai Error Codes Google Play

Please confirm wiring and the sensor C9ACreep Sensor Non-Detection ErrorThe creep sensor cannot be detected. Designation Error (flash ROM erase)Erase is invalid of flash ROM C5BTiming Limit Over Error (flash ROM write)The write is invalid of flash ROM C5CFlash ROM Verifying Error (flash ROM write)The write ErrorSubroutine No. check over here Please confirm the noise, the short, and the circuit trouble and the slave card.

Overview Package Class Use Tree Deprecated Index Help PREV PACKAGE NEXT PACKAGE FRAMES NO FRAMES All Classes Package com.iai.mdle.error Contains the MDLe error definitions. Iai Robo Cylinder Error Codes A: [4] If the load is normal, cut off the power and move the actuator by hand to check the slide resistance. FatalRuntimeError A Fatal Runtime Error!

Also can be caused by improper power supplied to the controller.

First execute homing. E4FSynchronized Parameter ErrorPlease confirm parameter No.65, 39, and all axis parameter No.1, etc. If the axis has a brake, make sure it is releasing properly D0BDriver EEPROM Data ErrorData write to EEPROM is prohibited D0CEncoder EEPROM Data ErrorThere is an error I in the Pcon Error Codes for Palletize Three-Point TeachingIn the point data for the palletize three point teaching, the number of effective axes is excessive.

PreprocessorError A MDLe Compiler Error that pertains to a failure at the preprocessor stage. ErrorInvalid Point No 904Variable No. This is usually caused by cycling power too quickly. this content If the alarm must be reset by turning off the main power, wait for a sufficient time (approx. 30 minutes) before resuming operation. 0E4Encoder Transmission ErrorThis is the transmission error of

This alarm will not clear unless you cycle power. 0C9Excess Power VoltageThe load is too heavy. C: [5] Power supply is insufficiently sized for the voltage/current required by the system. Cause : The position deviation counter is over-fl own. Inspect all serial ports and cables involved. 07FBCC ErrorAbnormal Communication, Check for noise.

C: [3] An incremental target position was specified in the "Position" field in the 3-point type controller. Click "OK" after setting the Error Number Select which will display the Detailed Error Information screen CC7Palletize Movement Z Axis Pattern Non Detection ErrorWhen palletize moves, Z axis element is not Confirm that the system is grounded. Please check sensor, wiring. 0BEHoming Time OutCheck physical connection of the motor and actuator.

ACTION: Set parameter #111 to 1 (0 = don't use). 05ATransmission ErrorAbnormal Communication, Check for noise. Treatment : Input "SON" signal to turn ON the servo-motor. CAUSE: [1] Loose or disconnected motor-relay cable connector. Check Specific Axis Parameter #38 to ensure proper setting. 0: INC; 1: ABS E3CUndefined Slave Command Error Code DetectionThe undefined slave command Error code was detected.

E5APole Sense ErrorThe motor magnetic pole cannot be detected. CBChannel No. specified for a breakpoint is invalid A30Breakpoint Setting Number Specification ErrorThe set number of breakpoints exceeds the limit value A31Parameter Change Number ErrorThe number of parameter changes is invalid A32Parameter Type E58Servo ON/OFF Time-out ErrorServo ON/OFF confirmation cannot be taken.

E6BUndetermined Shut Down Factor ErrorThe shutdown factor is irregular.