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Table 2Unified ICM features not supported for specific peripherals Peripheral Type Restrictions Aspect Contact Server Only one skill group assignment per agent Avaya DEFINITY ECS None IPCC Does not support Trunks The ICM / Web Dispatcher returns contents of this file if there is no other template for the error. Please enter your feedback in English. Description An attempt was made to route an enterprise agent call to a peripheral not connected with the correct OPI revision. check over here

When you log in without EAS, the agent is logged in to only those groups that you specify in the login request. Description No peripheral targets for route%3 have a valid label for routing client%5 (ID%2) targeted by translation route%4 (ID%1). You must also create Logout Reason and NotReady Reason dialog boxes in the Reason Code if you require these properties. EMSG_RTR_VRU_NEWCALL_NO_CUST_NETWORK_VRU: MessageID=0x01E8 RouterErrorCode=488 Message A VRU capable call on dialed number%3 from NIC routing client%2 (ID%1) had no associated VRU for the customer. http://docwiki.cisco.com/wiki/Router_Error_Codes

Router Error Code 65

The following table summarizes these limitations for those ACDs. ICM / Web Dispatcher Prioritizing If parameter icm/HTTP/error_templ_path is not set, the ICM static error page is always returned. This is set to 60 seconds by default.

The routine run in object ThreadConferenceCall got an exception (not of type CiscoJTapiException) on a call to "consult". 13053 PERERR_GW_E_ THREADCONFERENCECALL_ EXCEPTION_CREATECALL JTAPI Gateway – Error on CONFERENCE operation. Action Configure a NetworkVRU with the customer associated with the DialedNumber. Got an exception on a call to "getTerminals" (method "run" in class ThreadMakeCall). 13089 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD REDIRECTCALL_ EXCEPTION_REDIRECT JTAPI Gateway – Error on REDIRECT operation – Exception. Router Error Code 66 Action Configure the dialed number and associate it with the NIC RoutingClient.

This allows the CTI OS Server to enable the alternate button on the client desktop. Router Error Code 448 Got an exception on a call to "generateDTMF" (method "run" in class ThreadSendDTMF). 13093 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SENDDTMF_ INVALID_CONNECTION JTAPI Gateway – Error on SEND DTMF operation – Invalid Connection ID. This indicates an internal error that should be reported and resolved. 10108 PERERR_TELDRIVE_ BADSTATETRANSITION The state transition is invalid from the current state. Events are significant occurrences in the system that are documented and stored for use in system maintenance.

teld_universal_failure_seclvl Traces the second- and third-level text associated with the peripheral error code if there are trace universal failures. Routererrorcode=0 for example 0, 63, 65, 66 and 435 See More 1 2 3 4 5 Overall Rating: 0 (0 ratings) Log in or register to post comments boyd.lynn Thu, 05/31/2007 - Consult and blind transfers are supported. Both EAS and non-EAS versions maintain a list of preconfigured agent groups.

Router Error Code 448

You can find an example of a dynamic error page in "Example of a Dynamic Error Page". look at this site This is a serious logic condition and should be reported/resolved' 3rd Level Text = '' 10004 PERERR_TELDRIVE_NOINSTRUMENTFOREXTENSION 1st Level Text = 'The extension number specified is not associated with any known Router Error Code 65 The Telephony Driver Layer cannot be locked by the thread because it is already locked. Router Error Code 0 This is a serious logic condition and should be reported/resolved' 3rd Level Text = '' 10003 PERERR_TELDRIVE_LOCKTELDRIVELAYER 1st Level Text = 'A logic error occurred prior to Locking the Telephony Driver

Events are logged to the central database by each component in the Unified ICM system. check my blog An attempt was made to log out an agent that is already logged out. Description There is no peripheral target available for route%3 for routing client%4. Action Configure the dialed number with the correct Media Routing Domain and update the Central Controller. Icm Router Error Code 0

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  • EMSG_RTR_ROUTE_NO_RING_LABEL: MessageID=0x00E7 RouterErrorCode=231 Message No ring label found for routing client%3 (ID%1), dialed number%4 (ID%2).
  • Increasing the MediaRoutingDomain.MaxQueueTime may require increasing the value of the Router\Router\CurrentVersion\Configuration\Queuing\MaxTimeInQueue registry key on the Router, because the Router uses the lesser of the two settings.
  • This may be utilized to capture the error conditions specified in the document. 2) The Event Viewer is a tool within WebView that lets you view event data (messages) generated by
  • Clicking either the Ready or NotReady buttons must dismiss the Wrapup dialog box and put the agent in the state that was chosen.
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  • The agent is trying to make a supervisor assist call but is not a member of a team. 10106 PERERR_TELDRIVE_ AGENTRESERVED Agent is RESERVED – cannot make call.
  • Description Action Check the Routing Client and Dialed Number configuration and correct any problems.
  • Note Some of these values appear over two lines due to space limitations.
  • On an Avaya DEFINITY ECS running in EAS mode, each skill group may have multiple subgroups depending on the switch configuration.

jtapi_gw_heartbeat Displays heartbeat messages sent and received by the JTAPI client from the gateway process. SAP Community Network (SCN) ABAP Development Java Development Business Process Management and Composition Business Rules Management Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middelware B2B Integration SAP NetWeaver Portal User Interface Technology SAP Action None EMSG_RTR_VRU_NEWCALL_NO_PERIPHERAL: MessageID=0x01E4 RouterErrorCode=484 Message No peripheral found for VRU capable call on dialed number%3 from PG routing client%2 (ID%1). http://domcached.com/error-code/hp-error-code-601.html This probably indicates a configuration inconsistency.

The supervisor's connection is not in the talking state (method "DirectSupervisorBargeIn" class ThreadSuperviseCall). 13121 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD TRANSFERCALL_ ACTIVE_CONN_NOT_TALKING JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISE operation – Connection not TALKING. Failed To Produce Route For Dialed Number Refer to the table "Third-party request/section in DEFINITY manual" below to find the chapter of the DEFINITY Technical Reference Manual that discusses the third-party action that you attempted. Got an exception on a call to "conference" (method "DirectSupervisorBargeIn" in class ThreadSuperviseCall). 13102 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SUPERVISECALL_ EXCEPTION_CONSULT JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISE operation – Exception.

The following section explains the SSI commands that are supported.

This probably indicates a configuration inconsistency. An inside call cannot be put on Hold. Description A script indicated that a label should be returned to routing client%3 for dialed number%4, but no such label is configured. Router Error Code 435 When an agent (for example, 3550) logs in to a phone/device (for example, 3300), the device becomes the agent.

Got an exception on a call to "transfer" with the ACTIVE call specified (method "run" in class ThreadTransferCall). 13125 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD TRANSFERCALL_ HELD_CONN_NOT_HELD JTAPI Gateway – Error on TRANSFER operation HELD connection Points of note for API users: If the wrapup mode is REQUIRED_WITH_DATA, SetAgentState for returning to ready or not ready fails with an error code of CF_WRAPUP_DATA_REQUIRED (280) if there is The TP Services cannot be locked by the thread because they are already locked. have a peek at these guys EMSG_RTR_ROUTE_NO_ROUTE: MessageID=0x0041 RouterErrorCode=65 Message Script%3 (ID%1) failed to produce route for dialed number%4 with call type of%5 (ID%2).

EMSG_RTR_ROUTE_BAD_DN: MessageID=0x003E RouterErrorCode=62 Message Call route request from routing client%2 (ID%1) with unknown DN of%3. teld_universal_failure Traces universal failure errors and their peripheral error codes (text also) that occur in the telephony driver layer. EMSG_RTR_CALL_EXCEEDED_QUEUE_LIMIT: MessageID=0x01F3 RouterErrorCode=499 Message Description Call on dialed number%2 (ID%1) terminated for exceeded maximum queue time limit. For more information, see: icm/HTTP/auth_ EPROTERROR HTTP protocol error (incorrect syntax, missing header fields,...) EMAINTENANCE ICM / Web Dispatcher is in the Maintenance Mode.

Therefore, if an Alternate is done in the middle of a Transfer/Conference, the operation can only be completed after a second Alternate is done to restore status quo. IPCC error codes The following table provides a brief description of the error message and what they indicate. Based upon transition rules, the agent cannot go READY. Got an exception on a call to "createCall" (method "CreateConsultCall" in class ThreadEscapeService). 13073 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD ESCAPESERVICE_ EXCEPTION_CREATECALL3 JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISOR (escape) operation.

This can occur when an agent tries to make a call from an AVAILABLE, or WORK state. 10104 PERERR_TELDRIVE_ AGENTCANTGOUNVAILABLE The Agent cannot go UNAVAILABLE due to possible calls. But if the request goes to the Application Server ABAP (because of the URL) and the requested file is not found in the Internet Communication Framework (ICF), the ICM forwards the