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Hyosung Atm Errors


Exchange Sensor after abnormal operating CS3 Gate detecting Sensor. 5. Rearrange notes in cassette 3. Replace the CDU Board. 400ABDisable to drive due to the remaining notes in the tray during initializing or dispense reserved operation.(CS10A and CS10B Dark detection)1. Check Cash Dispenser Unit information.2. his comment is here

Check the cassette catcher 2. Check if the CS3 sensor bracket is bended. 3. Exchange Sensor after abnormal operating CS3 Gate detecting Sensor5. Contact your ISO or processor if you encounter an excessive amount of these errors, or you cannot complete a test transaction because of this error. http://www.cordfinancial.com/support-center/atm-error-codes/nautilus-hyosung-atm-error-codes/

Hyosung Error Code 97999

Check notesÕ status in 2 Cassette 2. Check dust in Main Motor Encoder Slit4. D00A500 FS out (after total cash dispense amount) Check the transaction from the host. Replenish receipt paper2.

Check if Dip switch #6 is correctly set (Dip switch #6 is set by On in case of not using Black mark). 2080A00 The size of image print data is abnormal Exchange a sensor after abnormal operating CS3 Gate detecting sensor.6. D006100 Exceeds Withdrawal Limit Check the transaction from the host and try again. Hyosung 1800 Error Codes Remove notes on CS2 sensor. 2.

Rearrange notes in cassette3. Hyosung Error Code 97999(04) Remove a jammed note on the CDU.3. Check Cash Dispenser Information after reading Cash Dispenser version. 2. http://www.cordfinancial.com/support-center/atm-error-codes/nautilus-hyosung-atm-error-codes/ Exchange a sensor after abnormal operating the CS17 sensor . 4005B2 Cassette Miss Feed Error (Fail to reject bill separately.) 4005B2 Cassette miss feed during dispense operation1.

Remove note from the CDU delivery path. 2. Hyosung 2700 Error Codes Check the Cutter module2. Reboot ATM. 2. Initialize3.

  1. Retry after initialization. 2.
  2. Check notes' status in the reject box2.
  3. Reset number of check sheets after troubleshooting. 4009400 Reject error due to short check sheet during check dispense operation. (Cash Dispenser) The same as #40092 handling. 4009500 Reject error due to
  4. Contact telephone company.
  5. Check the cassette catcher2.

Hyosung Error Code 97999(04)

Home ATM Benefits About Us Services ATM Advertising ATM Processing Cash Vaulting ATM Machine Sales Leasing Branding Mobile ATM Solutions Franchise Opportunities Investment Opportunities Start an ATM Business Employment Opportunities Financial https://www.nasatm.com/error_codes/P650/ Reposition the microswitch if necessary. Hyosung Error Code 97999 If error occurs when checking CS 14 disconnection and operation, replace a sensor. 400C700Something is detected on CS2 sensor after dispense operation 400C700Something is detected on CS12 sensor during dispensing bills Hyosung Epp Error Rearrange notes in cassette3.

Rearrange notes in Cassette 3. Check cabling and potential blockages and power cycle ATM. F000100 Number of Bill is not inputted Enter number of bill. (required) F000200 Parameter is not properly set (Surcharge Owner) Enter surcharge owner. (required) F000300 Parameter is not properly set (Surcharge Check the status of Black mark sensor 2. Epp Error Atm

Contact telephone company. Check the status of setting paper 2. Check if the CS3 sensor cable is disconnected (CDU Board CN10 #9~10).4. weblink Upgrade the Cash Dispenser firmware or download software again3.

Remove note from the CDU delivery path. 2. Hyosung Tech Support Clean CS2 and CS4B. 4001C00 CS4A or CS4B sensor detects note in delivery path before/after CDU dispenses 1. Wait for a while until JPR printer head cools off.

Check the status of sensor and its connector 20105Receipt paper setting error1.

Do RESET at Operator Function 2. Initialize. 3. Check notesÕ status in the reject box 2. Hyosung Error Code 9799904 CS2 sensor is detected as dark after dispense operation 1.

D009100 Bank Unavailable Check the transaction from the host and try again. Call your attendant. 97221E5 Invalid Field (This Field’s width is 0) 1. Check specifications of 3 Cassette FM Board Dip Switch (#2, #4, #6 On)4. Initialize after executing the CDU Information Set(ÔPÕ) Command4.

Check if the CS17 sensor cable is disconnected.3. Check the remaining notes in 2 Cassette2. Check and clean the cassette and rollers, verify the quality of cash. Close the lever of print head completely 20102Receipt printer head overheated1.

Replenish receipt paper.2. Check notes dispensed and rejected 2. Clean CS1B and CS13 4002ACS11B and CS13 Dark detection during initializing or dispense reserved operationThe same as #40022 and #40028 error handling 4002A00Detecting CS1B, CS13 Dark 4002BCS1A, CS1B or CS13 sensor Exchange a sensor after abnormal operating the CS9 sensor 400A2When a note doesnÕt arrive from the tray to the throat entrance (CS10AB~CS14 (Delivery Jam).1.

Exchange sensor after abnormal operating CS13 Sensor 40043Error if total reject is more than 20 sheets1. D005100 Insufficient Funds Check the transaction from the host and try again. Check the latch sensor in the device. 3102000 Card has not been read yet or other errors. HYOSUNG CE - E.3 JOURNAL PRINTER ERROR CODES 9721111 Off line status 1.

Remove dust in CS1~CS4 sensor 8217091Card in card reader1. Remove a jammed note between the tray and Cash Dispenser 2. Loose belts can slip off rollers and block sensors. 21315 CDU detects bills prior to dispensing This means that while the ATM was initializing it detected a blocked sensor in the Check modem cable. 3.

D170400 No Carrier during ACK/NAK data send to host Check host.