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Ibm X3550 Error Codes


This series of tests is called the power-on self-test, or POST. If the error remains, replace the following components in the order listed, restarting the server after each: Replace the hard disk drive (see Removing a hot-swap hard disk drive for more Use them in the following order: 1. The TEMP LED might also be lit. http://domcached.com/checkpoint-code/ibm-x3550-error-code-9f.html

Use the Setup utility to check the system-event log for information about the error. Reseat the DIMMs and restart the server. Run the Setup utility, select Load Default Settings, and save the settings. Update the server firmware to the latest level (see Updating the firmware). (Trained service technician only) Replace the microprocessor. 0018010 Microprocessors of the same model have mismatched stepping ID.

Ibm Checkpoint Code 9f

Note: The server will not power-on when the microprocessor in socket 1 or 2 is not installed in the server. (Trained service technician only) Toggle the switch block (SW4), bit 3 Reseat the DIMMs and restart the server. error, note the lit LED on or beside the component. The following illustration shows the operator information panel:Figure 1.

  • Note: The system service label on the underside of the cover also provides information about the location of the light path diagnostics LEDs.
  • Check the LEDs on the system board to identify the component that is causing the error.
  • Check the system-error logs for information about the error.
  • If the CNFG LED is not lit, the system might detect a memory error.
  • A checkpoint code is either a byte or a word value that is produced by UEFI.

If the OVER SPEC LED on the light path diagnostics panel is lit, or any of the six 12 V channel error LEDs (A, B, C, D, E, or AUX) on By viewing the LEDs in a particular order, you can often identify the source of the error. Make sure that the virtual media key is seated and not damaged. (Trained service technician only) Replace the system board. 3808002 Error updating system configuration to IMM Shut down the system Light Path Diagnostics Checkpoint Codes Check the system-event log for information about the error.

Update the IMM firmware to the latest level (see Updating the firmware). Replace the following components one at a time, in the order shown, restarting the server each time: (Trained service technician only) Microprocessor (Trained service technician only) System board 001100A Microcode updated If a new failure occurs, the system-error LED is lit again. https://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/systemx/documentation/topic/com.ibm.sysx.7944.doc/c_error_messages.html Remove the server cover and look inside the server for lit LEDs.

Update the server firmware to the latest level (see Updating the firmware). Ibm Light Path Diagnostics Checkpoint Codes Reseat or swap the DIMMs. To print the manual completely, please, download it. A new error occurs, causing the system-error LED to be lit again.

Ibm X3650 M3 Checkpoint Code Display 9f

DASD A hard disk drive error has occurred. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/STLPPL_ent/com.ibm.storage.3958.service.doc/ts7650pdg_light_path_diagnostics.html POST When you turn on the server, it performs a series of tests to check the operation of the server components and some optional devices in the server. Ibm Checkpoint Code 9f Run the Setup utility and select System Information > System Summary > Processor Details to view the microprocessor information to compare the installed microprocessor specifications. (Trained service technician only) Remove and Ibm Light Path Diagnostics If a damage is found, replace the system board. (Trained Service technician only) Replace the affected microprocessor. 0058007 Unsupported DIMM population.

PS1 PS2 VRM CNFG NMI S ERR DASD RAID TEMP BRD Chapter 5. check my blog A failing fan can cause the TEMP LED to be lit. Replace any failing device. (Trained service technician only) Replace the system board. When both the PS and CNFG LEDs are lit, the power supply configuration is invalid. Ibm Checkpoint Codes

Diagnosing problems using light path diagnostics LEDs in two locations on the server are available to help you diagnose problems that might occur during installation. Select System Settings > Power > Active Energy > Capping Enabled. CNFG A hardware configuration error has occurred. this content Check the system-event log for information about the error.

Remove all hardware that is not listed on the ServerProven website at the IBM ServerProven website. Ibm Light Path Diagnostics Dasd 9f In Remind mode, the system-error LED flashes rapidly until one of the following conditions occurs: All known errors are corrected. When LEDs are lit to indicate an error, they remain lit when the server is turned off, provided that the server is still connected to power and the power supply is

TEMP The system temperature has exceeded a threshold level.

FAN A fan has failed, is operating too slowly, or has been removed. LED Description Action None, but the system error LED is lit. See "Parts listing" to determine which components are customer replaceable units (CRU) and which components are field replaceable units (FRU). Ibm Checkpoint Code E7 As you run the diagnostic programs, text messages are displayed on the screen and are saved in the test log.

Remove the PCI riser card in connector 1, all DIMMs, and the microprocessor in socket 2. If the failure remains, go to the "Before you call IBM Service" website for additional troubleshooting information. For more information, see Hard disk drive problems. http://domcached.com/checkpoint-code/ibm-server-error-codes.html Press the reset button to reset the server and run the power-on self-test (POST).

Manually re-enable all affected DIMMs if the server firmware version is older than UEFI v1.10. DASD A hard disk drive has failed or is missing. If the problem remains, go to the "Before you call IBM Service" website. Reseat the hard disk drive backplane.

See System-board switches and jumpers for the location of the SW4 switch block on the system board. Remove optional devices from the server. The display does not provide error codes or suggest components to be replaced. Parent topic: Troubleshooting Light path diagnostics LEDs The following table describes the LEDs on the light path diagnostics panel and suggested actions to correct the detected problems.

StagnerSystems on Siliconby Brian BaileyBooks about IbmIBM Cognos Business Intelligenceby Dustin AdkisonLotus Notes Domino 8: Upgrader's Guideby Tim SpeedIBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Editionby Ahmed Lashin Are you sure?This Reinstall each device that was removed in step 2 one at a time, starting the server each time, to isolate the failing device. Make sure that the heat sink is seated correctly. Make sure that the air vents are not blocked.